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One location using 15 lb per month? We've got you covered!

100-locations using 15,000 lb per month? We've got you covered, too!

Pricing starts at $6.33 and down, down, down!

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Sarah + Tye = simple, tasty almond butter! Just roasted almonds & sea salt. We're here for you, every day!

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Our butters are ground from WHOLE almonds - not bits a pieces - to guarantee a fresh, nutritious almond butter.


We use a special variety of almonds that delivers a rich nutty flavor and produces an ultra-creamy consisency WITHOUT added oils.


Our rich, nutty flavor is complemented with just a touch of sea salt to make it pop!


Our distribution team ships your butter FAST! Average shipping just 3 business days.


We NEVER add oils, sugars, stabilizers, or preservatives 😎 #AllNatural


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Orders less than 150 lb per month can be completed online. For orders greater than 150 lb, please email us so that we can provide custom super-bulk pricing and freight options!

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Our Values


Our rich, flavorful butters start as whole almonds, not bits a pieces. They are dry-roasted and ground to an ultra-creamy consistency with just a touch of sea salt.


No fillers. No preservatives. No added sugars. No added oils. Nothing but the good stuff! Just natural, rich flavor and an ultra-smooth consistency. 


Pricing starts at $6.33 per lb + $0.66 per lb for USA shipping. Orders >150 lb receive ultra-discounted bulk pricing and freight options, please email us!