Bulk Almond Butter

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From 60 to 6000 lb. orders, we are your friendly and knowledgeable source for nut butter. We 💕 our small-business relationships.

Say hi to Sarah & Tye at BareNutButter@gmail.com

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15 to 300 lb per month? Order online! For pallets (600 lb. MOQ) and specialty butters, please email us for quotes!

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Speciality Butters

Walnut, cashew, pistachio, hazelnut, brazil nut and pecan butters.

600 lb. MOQ for specialty butters.

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Tye and Sarah are so helpful. Every time I ask a question, one of them responds quickly with useful information!

Angela L.

This almond butter...goodness! So much better than the store brand I was using for my shop.

Sammy L.

I started with their almond butter and recently ordered a half pallet of hazelnut butter to make a low-sugar Nutella-style butter for my store.

Jennifer T.

The 15# buckets are so useful for my smoothie shop. So much less waste than the 1# jars I used to use.

George K.

Great price. Great product. Incredibly friendly customer service. Thanks Sarah!

Frederick J.