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Almond Butter • No Salt • 15 lb

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 ✔️ 15 Pound Pail  ✔️ $6.25 per lb
 ✔️ 100% Natural  ✔️ Unsalted
 ✔️ Dry Roasted  ✔️ Just Almonds


Sunkissed California almonds roasted to perfection and ground to a smooth consistency. Enjoy a rich and balanced flavor with a delicious hint of natural sweetness. 

Your customer's eyes will light up watching this golden nectar spooned over their acai bowl and toasted croissant!

Sold in 15 lb buckets (2 gal). Bucket size is approx.10x10x10in. Our buckets help to reduce product & packaging waste!

Made with CA almonds, which are never GMO. We never use added oils, sugars, flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives! BARE means BARE!

More Buckets, Cheaper Shipping! 4-buckets increments are best!

Need MORE? We ship pallets too! Starting at $5.50/lb! Email us!