Cross Contamination

We understand the gravity of peanut and tree nut allergies and the necessity to protect those who must maintain absolute avoidance. 

Almond Butter / Tree Nut Butters

Peanuts are processed in the same facility that we produce our almond butter and other tree-nut butters; however, peanuts are not processed on the mills used to make our tree-nut butters, ever.

Our peanut butter is processed in a different facility from which we grind our tree-nut butters.

Our mill does process other types of tree-nuts in addition to almonds, including cashews, hazelnuts, pecans, walnuts, pistachios and Brazil nuts. Thorough allergen and cleaning protocols are in place. We have an extensive HAACP plan in place and are 3rd party audited and AIB certified.

Peanut Butter

Our peanut butter is processed in a facility that also processes tree-nuts. Our facility has allergen and cleaning protocols in place. The peanut butter facility is SQF certified, and is audited for allergen and cleaning control processes.


All facilities have thorough Allergen Control Programs which are part of 3rd party audited Food Safety Programs.