About Us


It’s Tye Jensen and Sarah Klaben! We’re the owners of Bare Nut Butter, your bulk butter supplier! We save you money through our efficiency. There's a good chance you've spoken to one us before but if you have not and would like to get in touch, say hello at BareNutButter@gmail.com 😊

Yep, we even use a free Gmail account to save a few bucks. #HyperEfficient


We produce natural, smooth nut butters in 15 lb buckets. Our ingredients are simple, just dry-roasted almonds and a pinch of sea salt (we make unsalted butters too!). We NEVER use added flavors, sugars, sweeteners, oils, stabilizers, emulsifiers, preservatives, or artificial anything.

Please see our Peanut Cross-Contamination policy. We take this very seriously.


If your business is already using almond or cashew butter, you know how popular it is. You also know that without a dedicated nut butter supplier (that's us!), it can be very expensive.

If you don’t currently offer almond butter, you need to ASAP! Our nation is undergoing a nutritional paradigm shift and customers are in a frenzy for high-fat, natural, and healthy foods. Almond and cashew butter fit this to a "T"!


We've opened our second distribution center 🎉 and are now in PA and NV. We offer affordable flat-rate shipping, just choose speed (in biz days). Shipping becomes cheaper as you add buckets, the sweet-spot is 4- and 8-bucket orders. For orders greater than 300lbs, contact us for super-bulk discounts and freight-saving options.


It's simple: Quality, Price, and Service.

With volume-based pricing starting at just $6.25/lb, our prices are a no-brainer! If you need larger quantities of nut butters, email us for super-bulk pricing and freight options. 

We hold ourselves to a higher standard so you don't have to worry about sketchy chemicals and preservatives. Natural is just better!

We’re a small, efficient, and caring business team. If you need something, just ask, right away! Sarah and Tye personally respond to calls and emails so you’re always talking to someone who can help. As a small business, we are nimble and we constantly audit our supply chain looking for places to increase efficiency. When we find savings, we pass them on to you!