Answers to our most-asked questions. Need more information or have a different question? Shoot us an email at BareNutButter@gmail.com!

What are the ingredients in your almond butter?

Dry-roasted almonds and a pinch of sea salt. Nothing else. This is true for our specialty butters as well (salt optional).

We do not add oils, sugars, preservatives, or stabilizers, ever.

Is your almond butter organic? Non-GMO?

We do not currently offer an organic option in small orders. Our organic MOQ is 2400 lb.

Yes, our almond butter is non-GMO but we do not go through a non-GMO certification process. The reason is simple! We use California-grown almonds and there are no GMO almond trees available or planted in California. Getting a non-GMO certification would be a waste of money and drive up prices.

What is the shelf-life of your almond butter?

We recommend a "best by" shelf life of 6-months. With proper storage, our butter can last longer but we believe in fresh foods so we grind often and encourage reasonably quick use.

What are your minimum orders?

You can order a single bucket (15 lb) of almond butter right here on our website. For our small clients with recurring need, we recommend purchasing in increments of 4-buckets as shipping is the most affordable.

Specialty butters (pistachio, walnut, cashew, hazelnut, and pecan) carry an order minimum of 600 lb. We have pallet pricing for almond butter starting at 480 / 600 lb in 5 / 2-gallon buckets.

Where do you ship from?

Orders <300 lb are ordered online and ship from Oklahoma City, OK via UPS.

Pallet orders (starting at 480 / 600 lb) are shipped via freight from Visalia, CA.

What are your butters packaged in?

In a food-safe 2-gallon bucket containing 15 lb of almond butter. The measurements are 10x10x10inches. Clients love this packaging for its convenience and reduced product and packaging waste.

Any order >480 lb can be packaged in a 5-gallon bucket (40 lb) if desired.

How much is shipping?

Shipping varies by distance and weight of the package. The most affordable shipping is achieved by ordering in increments of 4 buckets (4, 8, 12, etc.).

You can see a real-time shipping quote during the checkout process.

Does your butter contain allergens?

Please click here for our Cross-Contamination Policy.

Do you have specification sheets for your butters?

Yes, please ask at BareNutButter@gmail.com.