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INGREDIENTS | What are the ingredients in your butters?

  • Almond Butter: Purely dry-roasted almonds (and a pinch of salt for the lightly salted version). Nothing else. We do not add oils, sugars, preservatives, or stabilizers, ever.
  • Peanut ButterPurely dry-roasted peanuts (and a pinch of salt for the lightly salted version). Nothing else. We do not add oils, sugars, preservatives, or stabilizers, ever.

CONSISTENCY | What is the consistency of your butters?

All of our nut butters are  ground to a creamy consistency! Since out nut butters are natural and do not contain stabilizers, stirring is required. 

SHELF LIFE | What is the shelf-life of your butters?

We recommend a "best by" shelf life of 12 months for almond butter, and 16 months for peanut butter. Once open, we encourage you to go through the butter quickly, no longer than 3-4 months, to ensure freshness and minimize separation. Refrigeration helps extend the shelf life but is not required. We believe in fresh foods so we grind often and encourage reasonably quick use.

ORGANIC / NON-GMO | Are your butters organic? Non-GMO?

We only offer Organic in pallet quantities. Our organic almond butter pallet MOQ is 1,920 lb. Our organic peanut butter pallet MOQ is 1,680lb.

Our nut butters are non-GMO. Fun Fact: all nuts are inherently non-GMO! Since we don't add any additional ingredients to out nut butters, that makes all of our nut butters inherently non-GMO as well.

MOQs | What are your minimum orders?

You can order a single bucket (15 lb) of almond, peanut, and organic butter here on our website. We recommend purchasing in increments of 2 buckets as shipping is the most affordable.

Specialty butters (pistachio, walnut, hazelnut, and pecan) carry an order minimum of 480 / 600 lb, depending on packaging in 5-gal or 2-gal buckets.


ALLERGENS | Does your butter contain allergens?

Tree-nuts and peanuts are considered major allergens. So, yes, our nut butters do contain allergens. Our almond butter contains almonds and our peanuts contain peanuts. Similarly, our other specialty tree nut butters contain tree nut allergen.

Our nut butters are made in a facility that process other tree-nuts and peanuts. While our almond butter mill does not grind peanuts, there are peanuts roasted in the facility. Our peanut butter facility processes tree-nuts as well.

All of our facilitys have rigourous cleaning protocols that test surfaces to ensure no residue from previous nuts/peanuts remain.


Please click here for our full Cross-Contamination Policy.


CANCELLATIONS | Can I cancel my order?

Unfortunately, orders cannot be placed once cancelled. We partner with a 3rd party fulfilment center, and they are fast!! Once an order is fulfilled, it is often impossible to retrieve, making all orders placed final.

ORDER CHANGES | Can I adjust my order after it is placed?

Unfortunately, orders cannot be changed once placed. This means we are unable to change the product ordered, shipping address, payment method, etc. We partner with a 3rd party fulfilment center, and they are fast!! Once an order is fulfilled, it is not possible for us to change. 

Please be very careful to double check all information prior to submitting your order!

RETURNS | Can I return my order?

Unfortunately we are unable to accept returns. All sales are final. Please do not refuse the delivery, as we will not be able to accept the return or refund the purchase.



SHIPPING | How much is shipping?

We offer ~3 business day shipping. Shipping costs decrease as buckets are added to the order; the sweet spot is an interval of 2.

Both UPS and freight carriers are still (sigh) experiencing significant shipping delays. Shipping times are not guaranteed. Please order far in advance if you need product by a certain date. Thank you for your patience!

Please note, we will do everything in our power to assist with shipping but we are not liable if a customer incorrectly inputs their shipping address.

SHIPPING | Where do you ship from?

We have distribution centers in Knoxville, TN and Salt Lake City, UT. We'll ship from the distribution center closest to you. Pallet orders (starting at 480 / 600 lb) are shipped via freight from CA or CO.

SHIPPING | What happens if my product arrives damaged?

While we aim to have your product arrive in tact, occasionally carriers damage product during transit. If this happens, please email us your order number and include various pictures: outside of the box, box including the shipping label, inside of the box including all packing material, pictures of the actual damage. This information will help us to place a claim with the carrier!

PACKAGING | What are your butters packaged in?

In a food-safe 2-gallon bucket containing 15 lb of nut butter. The measurements are 10x10x10 inches. Clients love this packaging for its convenience and reduced product & packaging waste.

Any order greater than 480 lb can be packaged in a 5-gallon bucket (40 lb), if desired.

LEAD TIME | If I were to place an order today, how long to ship?

If you are placing smaller online orders, your package will ship same- or next-day, depending on when you place the order. Orders placed before 2pm typically go out the same day.

Pallet orders typically have a 3 week lead time to grind and have ready to ship (pallets are ground to order), plus time in freight transit.

- MISC -

SPEC SHEETS | Do you have specification sheets for your butters?

Yes, please ask at hello@barenutbutter.com

COMPANY | How long have you been around?

We have been proudly supplying both large and small businesses since 2016. We are always working to bring you the most natural, most flavorful, and most cost-effective product available so your business can thrive.