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INGREDIENTS | What are the ingredients in your almond butter?

Dry-roasted almonds (or cashews...) and a pinch of sea salt. Nothing else. We do not add oils, sugars, preservatives, or stabilizers, ever.

SHIPPING | How much is shipping?

We offer two flat rate options. You choose the speed you want the bucket delivered, in business days. 3-day and 5-7 day shipping is available. Shipping costs decrease as buckets are added to the order. Increments of 4-buckets (i.e. 4, 8, 12...) ship the cheapest.

A single bucket ships for $14.50 or $17.00 (speed dependent), yet a 4-bucket order ships for $25.50 or $33.50 (again, speed dependent). Larger orders = huge shipping savings.

ORGANIC / NON-GMO | Is your almond butter organic? Non-GMO?

We do not currently offer an organic option in small orders. Our organic MOQ is 2400 lb.

Yes, our almond butter is non-GMO but we do not go through a non-GMO certification process. The reason is simple, it's a waste of time and money. We use California-grown almonds and there are zero GMO almonds available or trees planted in California. Our butters are non-GMO because getting a GMO California almond is simply impossible. We keep our prices low by avoiding unnecessary processes!

SHELF LIFE | What is the shelf-life of your butters?

We recommend a "best by" shelf life of 8-months. Once open, we encourage you to go through the butter quickly, no longer than 3-months. Refrigeration helps extend the shelf life but is not required. We believe in fresh foods so we grind often and encourage reasonably quick use.

MOQs | What are your minimum orders?

You can order a single bucket (15 lb) of almond butter here on our website. We recommend purchasing in increments of 4-buckets as shipping is the most affordable.

Specialty butters (pistachio, walnut, hazelnut, and pecan) carry an order minimum of 480 / 600 lb, depending on packaging in 5-gal or 2-gal buckets.

SHIPPING | Where do you ship from?

We have distribution centers in PA and NV. We'll ship from the distribution center closest to you. Pallet orders (starting at 480 / 600 lb) are shipped via freight from Visalia, CA.

PACKAGING | What are your butters packaged in?

In a food-safe 2-gallon bucket containing 15 lb of almond butter. The measurements are 10x10x10 inches. Clients love this packaging for its convenience and reduced product & packaging waste.

Any order >480 lb can be packaged in a 5-gallon bucket (40 lb), if desired.

ALLERGENS | Does your butter contain allergens?

Please click here for our Cross-Contamination Policy.

SPEC SHEETS | Do you have specification sheets for your butters?

Yes, please ask at hello@barenutbutter.com